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Dental Check-ups Clapton

blankPreventative dentistry is the foundation of everything that we do here at Ardent Smile Clinic in Clapton. Through regular scale and cleans, we can help you intercept dental problems when they first start to develop. Over time, you’ll enjoy healthier teeth and less dental work because concerns like tooth decay or gum disease are treated earlier. We’ll give you the information you need to promote optimal dental wellness for a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

During your check-up, we will look for the following:

  • Tooth decay
  • Unhealthy gums
  • Problems with jaw alignment
  • Problems with your crowns or fillings

Treatment Plan

  • We will listen to any concerns you have about your dental health.
  • We will have a good look around your mouth to make sure everything seems okay.
  • We will decide if we need to take X-rays.
  • We can talk you through options for any further treatment.


Why Do I Need X-rays?

Digital radiography allows our dentists in Clapton to see areas throughout your mouth that aren’t visible during a regular exam. Small cavities, cysts, bone loss and abscesses are just a few examples. Fortunately, today’s technology uses as much as 90% less radiation than conventional dental X-rays, making them safer than ever.

Since digital imaging is instantly available, you’ll enjoy a more efficient appointment and be able to co-diagnose your condition alongside our dentists.

Are you nervous about visiting the Ardent Smile Clinic dentists?

If you feel apprehensive about visiting our dentist in Clapton, please let us know.
Our caring staff are used to helping nervous patients.
We will help you to relax and we will take the time to discuss your dental treatment with you and address any concerns.


How long has it been since you last saw a dentist for a scale and clean? If it’s been six months or more, it’s time to make an appointment. Contact Ardent Smile Clinic to request your first check visit with us today! 


Do You Love Your Dentist? Our Patients Do!

Five Star Private & NHS Dentist In Clapton, Hackney

Don’t just take our word for it! The kind words others have said about us are true testaments of how we treat our patients, friends, families, and Clapton neighbours.

Jodie Mason


Never had a problem with this dentist always been very polite and always put mine and my kids needs first.

Angela Meszaros


Excellent practice. I’ve had several fillings and one implant. All went very well. The surgery is very clean and tidy. The lead doctor Mr. Masih Sage is a really good dentist. I am very satisfied with their service and overall attitude toward patients.

Francesca Kerr


Brilliant practice. Had some bonding done on my front tooth with Dr Max Pura. He was super throughout the whole process, explained the procedure and it turned out amazing!! I love his work its flawless. Recommend to all.