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Root canal treatment is for teeth where the tooth’s nerve has been damaged by decay or trauma.

This treatment is also sometimes necessary before crowning a tooth. Root canal treatment usually involves removing the pulp tissue of the tooth when it becomes irreversibly inflamed or infected.

Debris within the canals are removed, and they are then cleaned and disinfected before being filled and sealed with a root filling. The tooth is restored to its full shape and function with a permanent filling or a crown. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the advantages of root canal treatment? 

Root canal treatment saves teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

After root canal treatment, your tooth has no pulp, in that it has no vital tissues inside. However, vital tissues surround the root, such as the gum, the periodontal membrane, and bone. A root-treated tooth functions normally and should be maintained with routine dental care and oral hygiene measures.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

Root canal treatment procedures are relatively quite comfortable and often painless, as the tooth is anaesthetised during treatment.

After treatment, your tooth may be sensitive or tender for a few days due to inflammation of the surrounding areas. This can be relieved by taking mild analgesics or painkillers available over the counter at the chemist. However, if the pain persists and is severe or swelling occurs, you should contact us.


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