#1 Teeth Whitening In Clapton [Book Free Consultation!]

Ardent Smile Clinic in Clapton offers professional teeth whitening treatments to help you achieve whiter teeth and the brighter smile you have always desired. We provide professional services & use quality materials to ensure your teeth will be clean, healthy and white in as little as just one appointment. A great smile goes a long way to boost your self-confidence and give you a great look, so take advantage of our affordable in-chair teeth whitening services now. 

teeth whitening in clapton

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

The most obvious benefit of teeth whitening is having an improved, whiter, and brighter smile, which enhances your appearance. However, in addition to the aesthetic results of teeth whitening, other benefits include:

Teeth whitening boosts your self confidence

Teeth whitening enhances your appearance

Teeth whitening doesn’t break the bank

Over time, teeth typically become stained and discoloured by food, drinks, and tobacco. Many people want to have their teeth lightened to brighten up their smiles.

Everyone wants healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath, and the confidence to choose whatever they want to eat. But we also wish for that great white smile, knowing that our smile does what it is meant to do.

There has been a great deal of debate about teeth whitening of late due to problems caused by untrained individuals offering teeth whitening services, often harming patients. It is now illegal for anyone to provide whitening, which isn’t a clinically trained dental professional.

Because of this, only trained dentists are allowed to offer whitening at Ardent Smile Clinic in Clapton.

We also use the latest computer imaging technology, which will indicate the best shade for your smile. We can show you the potential results and allow you to choose your ideal smile. We encourage you to discuss what you dislike about your teeth and share this with the dentist.

The smile you deserve is only a call away.

If you are interested in whitening in Clapton, London, please get in touch with us to book an appointment.



Tooth whitening effectively bleaches your teeth to the shade you desire. You can choose the shade of white that suits you best.


Some people can be sensitive to the chemicals used in teeth whitening, especially if they have sensitive teeth. You can also experience burns to your gums; if performed incorrectly. We will ensure you know how to use the tooth whitening products correctly before you leave.


Yes, tooth whitening is entirely safe when carried out by a Dentist. Unfortunately, some beauty salons also offer teeth whitening, which is illegal if no dental professional is present. At the same time, it can put your health at risk. We ensure you are dentally fit to proceed with whitening; we give you a thorough dental examination. We make sure that whitening your teeth is the best option for you.