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Five months ago, this gentleman sought consultation with Dr. Sage due to issues with his lower denture, which was loose and allowed food to become trapped underneath. After assessing the thickness of his jawbone, Dr. Sage recommended an implant-supported denture as the optimal solution, tailored to the patient’s desire to avoid bone grafting or any complex procedures. The patient is now extremely satisfied with his new denture, enjoying significant improvements such as the elimination of food trapping under the denture, exceptional retention, and the ease with which he can now enjoy his favorite rare-cooked steak. The denture’s secure fit is such that he finds it quite difficult to remove.

In addition to the lower denture solution, the patient expressed discomfort with his removable upper denture and sought a more permanent solution that could be implemented promptly. Following a thorough consultation, he underwent the extraction of all remaining upper teeth and received six implants (All-on-6) with an immediate fixed bridge loaded the same day. The entire procedure was performed under local anesthesia, guided by a surgical plan informed by his Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scan. This fixed bridge serves as a temporary solution while his gums heal from the extractions. He is scheduled to return in six months for the fitting of a permanent bridge, marking the completion of his dental restoration journey.

The process of implant placement can be succinctly illustrated through a series of informative pictures, which detail each critical step. Initially, a comprehensive assessment of all teeth, bone, and gum tissue is conducted. Following this, study models are meticulously crafted in the laboratory to accurately replicate the jaw’s relationship and structure. Once the implant is positioned, a temporary bridge is immediately installed, allowing the implant to integrate with the bone over a period of approximately three months. This crucial phase ensures a stable and harmonious connection between the bone and the implant. After four months, the final step involves crafting a permanent crown for the implant, which then replaces the temporary bridge, completing the restoration process and leaving the patient with a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Combination Of Implants & 6 Month Smile

When art and science collaborate, the boundaries of possibility are expanded. This is exemplified in the treatment of a missing Upper Left second tooth, accompanied by a gap between the upper front teeth and outward shifting. The position of the upper left first tooth was meticulously corrected, setting the stage for the restoration of the missing tooth. A single titanium implant, coupled with a metal-free crown, was selected for its compatibility and aesthetic appeal. This approach not only restored the missing tooth but also harmonized the dental alignment and appearance, showcasing the seamless integration of artistic vision and scientific precision in achieving exceptional dental outcomes.